Instrument microphones for accordion,melodeon, concertina, banjo, brass, flute, whistle,
guitar, mandolin, harmonica, saxophone, clarinet, violin, 'cello and percussion.
Professional Instrument Microphones


The M400 is a small slim microphone for use with stringed or bellows instruments with soundholes. It faces into the instrument and attaches with pads of self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape.

The M400 must be used in conjunction with a Microvox power supply.

Instructions for use


M400 section



Anodised aluminium
Gold-plated phono plug
Mic elements:
Omni-directional electret
Frequency response:
30Hz - 20kHz
12 x 10 x 30mm




M400 on guitar
M400 on English concertina
M400 on an Anglo concertina
M400 placed over a guitar soundhole. A similar placement would be used for mandolin or bouzouki.


M400s fitted to English and Anglo concertinas.



If you are concerned about attaching self-adhesive tape to your instrument, we recommend you peel off the backing and stick the tape to your jeans a couple of times before attaching it to your instrument.