Instrument microphones for accordion,melodeon, concertina, banjo, brass, flute, whistle,
guitar, mandolin, harmonica, saxophone, clarinet, violin, 'cello and percussion.
Professional Instrument Microphones



We make two different systems for accordions and melodeons. The M305 and M310 units are all-in-one and need only a jack-plug connection to an amp or mixer. The M310 has a bass mic permanently wired in and the M305 has no bass mic.

The alternative is a modular system using a power supply and separate microphones for the treble and bass sides of the instrument. For the treble side, we make the M405, M410 and M420, to cater for everything from a Castagnari Lilly to a 120-bass accordion; for the bass side, we make the M400. This offers greater flexibility for those who play other instruments, for which they can use the same power supply and the M400 or one of our other microphones.


M305 and M310

Both microphones have three electret elements mounted in a bar microphone which fastens to the instrument by means of self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape pads. The M305 is for use on the treble side only, whilst the M310 has an extension bass microphone and an internal balance control. Both the M305 and the M310 are supplied with a padded, zipped case.

Both units switch on on insertion of output jack.

Frequency response:
50 Hz - 18 kHz
1 x AA
1/2" (6.5mm) jack
Volume, balance
Mic elements:
Omni-directional electret
25 x 25 x 280mm

M305 and M310 mics

Instructions for use


A slim microphone for use on the treble side of an accordion or melodeon, in conjunction with either of our power supplies and an M400 for the bass side.

They all fix to the instrument's grill by self-adhesive pads of hook and loop tape and three lengths are available:

190mm, 3 elements
230mm, 3 elements
325mm, 4 elements
M405 mic

Cross-section through M405/M410/M420

Section through M405

Anodised aluminium
Gold-plated phono plug
Mic elements:
Omni-directional electret
Frequency response:
30Hz - 20kHz
Accordion with M410


Melodeon with M410

Note: The M405, M410 and M420 mics must be used in conjunction with a PSU.

Instructions for use

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A single element microphone for use on the bass side of the instrument.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 25mm

M400 mic

Section through M400

Bass mic on a melodeon


Note: The M400 mic must be used in conjunction with a PSU.

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