Instrument microphones for accordion,melodeon, concertina, banjo, brass, flute, whistle,
guitar, mandolin, harmonica, saxophone, clarinet, violin, 'cello and percussion.
Professional Instrument Microphones


The swan-neck microphone is a studio quality electret mic mounted on an annealed copper stem. It attaches to the instrument by means of pads of self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape and the stem can then be bent into position to obtain the best sound reproduction.

The swan-neck must be used in conjunction with a Microvox power supply.

Instructions for use

Swan-neck microphone
Plastic-covered copper with rubber mount
Gold-plated phono plug
Mic elements:
Omni-directional electret
Frequency response:
30Hz - 20kHz
Bodhran - the microphone fits onto the inside of the rim with the element facing the head
BOdhran with swan-neck
Trumpet with swan-neck
Brass - the microphone mounts on the outside of the bell and the stem can be adjusted to reach over the bell while still allowing the use of a mute.
Violin or viola - the microphone mounts on the tail piece and the stem can be adjusted to reach to the bass "f" hole.
Swan-neck on violin
Bagpipes miked up
Bagpipes - a customised cross between a swan-neck and a mini-swan attaches at the top of the chanter and the stem can be further adjusted to avoid hampering the fingers. Similarly, we can customise mics for the clarinet.